Finolex Industries ltd

Finolex Industries Limited is synonymous with superior quality, great strength, and breakthrough innovation when it comes to PVC-U pipes and fittings. Finolex Industries Limited is the largest manufacturer of PVC pipes in India and it is also recognized as one of the largest manufacturers of PVC resin in India. Finolex has a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant based out of Pune and Ratnagiri in Maharashtra and Masar in Gujarat.

Finolex Industries Limited is the first Indian PVC-U Pipes manufacturer to get the coveted IS/ISO 9001:2008 certification and presently holds 9001: 2015 certification

Finolex Product Profile

PVC-U Pipes Division

Finolex manufacturing plants in Pune, Ratnagiri, and Masar house are all the modern-day equipment that help us to churn out an impressive 370,000 m.t.p.a. Finolex PVC Pipes and Fittings are available in various sizes, pressure classes and diameters making them suitable for diversified applications in both agricultural as well as non-agricultural sectors including housing, industrial and construction.
Finolex has been providing superior quality PVC-U and CPVC Pipes and Fittings, all across the country through our 18000 plus direct and indirect retail outlets.

PVC Resin Division

PVC is the main ingredient for pipes. Finolex has set up a resin manufacturing plant in Ratnagiri spreading across an area of over 650 acres. The plant has been set up in technical collaboration with Uhde GmbH, Germany with Hoechst technology. This plant manufactures both suspension and emulsion PVC and has an annual output of 272,000 m.t.p.a.
PVC finds applications in various areas, such as manufacturing of pipes, insulation of cables, window profiles, flooring, blister packaging, etc. Being versatile in nature, PVC continuously finds newer applications each day.
As a part of its PVC Complex, FIL has also set up an open sea cryogenic jetty, the first of its kind in the Indian private sector.


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