Samudra Pumps

Samudra pumps

Samudra is spearheaded by Mr. Shivan Ramachandran (ex. Joint MD of Texmo Industries), in his previous tenure, he was responsible for developing some of the most lauded products in the industry. He has been instrumental in the establishment of several new factories, spanning over 250,000 sq. ft of manufacturing space.

Samudra is headquartered in Singapore with manufacturing capabilities in Coimbatore, India. With strong roots in industrial design and discreet manufacturing of pumps and motors, Samudra’s strength lies in its core management team that has over 250 years of combined technical and commercial experience in the industry.

Samudra’s initial strategy is to first launch its agricultural and domestic range to meet the needs of the farmer and the domestic market, through a focus on the latest technologies that ensure high pump efficiency, greatest flow rate, and ease of installation, maintenance, and service. Samudra is to soon follow this up with a complete range of Industrial and Commercial products; like Back Pull-Out pumps and Hydro Pneumatic Pressure Booster Systems.

We strive to be as innovative as possible while providing the highest value to our customers. We are not afraid to push boundaries while remaining prudent and careful in our approach.


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